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The children’s ministry at the A453 Churches exists to make Jesus Christ known to children and young people and to encourage them in their relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

All five of our Churches are committed to the nurturing, protection and safe keeping of the children and young people in our care. Photographs of children on this website and on our publicity are used only where written permission has been obtained.


Past Cases Review 2 …

The Church of England is currently undertaking a second review of files held in all dioceses and parishes to ensure that Churches and Church related activities are as safe as possible for children and vulnerable adults. This review aims to be completed by the end of 2020. Known as the Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2), it aims to identify both good practice and institutional failings in the way that allegations of abuse have been handled in the past. It will also provide recommendations on how practice and processes can be improved. All Parishes in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham are obliged to submit relevant information for the review. Parishes have been asked to check back through their parish records to ensure that all safeguarding concerns and allegations involving clergy or Church officers have been reported to the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor.

Individuals who wish to make representations to the PCR2 process, or who need to come forward with information, or make any disclosures regarding Church related abuse, are encouraged to make direct contact with Julian Hodgson (Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser) on telephone number: ☎ 01636 817200.

However, recognising that for those with a lived experience of abuse from within the Church may not feel comfortable, a dedicated telephone helpline ☎ 0800 802020 operated independently from the Church, by the NSPCC, has been set up. Anyone can use the helpline to provide information or to raise concerns regarding abuse within the Church of England; whether they are reporting issues relating to children, adults or seeking to whistle blow about poor safeguarding practice.

The Church of England’s website has more information on PCR2.


Local Safeguarding Policy …

In common with other Churches and organisations taking care of children, each individual Church that makes up the A453 Churches is required by law and by the Diocese to have a policy on Child Protection. The aim of this policy is twofold - to protect all the children in our care from risk of abuse while they are in our care and to protect all those who work with children within the Church from risk of false accusation and possible legal redress.

This policy is reviewed annually and progress in carrying it out is monitored by our Safeguarding Coordinator, Anne Farnsworth; she can be contacted on telephone number: ☎ 0115 983 0007. For non-urgent advice and queries, including DBS advice, please contact Julian Hodgson (Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser) on telephone number: ☎ 01636 817200 during working hours.

Other contact numbers:

The following policy has been endorsed by the Parochial Church Council of the A453 Churches (St George, Barton-in-Fabis, and St Lawrence, Gotham, and St Winifred, Kingston-on-Soar, and Holy Trinity, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, and All Saints, Thrumpton).


Safeguarding Policy Statement …

  • It is the responsibility of all Church members to do their best to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect of children and young people and to report any abuse, alleged or suspected.
  • We will respond without delay to any complaints made, that a child or young person for whom we are responsible may have been harmed.
  • We will work towards the code of good practice when working with children and young people and create a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ which children and all adults in the church take seriously.
  • We are committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children and young people. We will provide supervision for workers because it recognises this as important in the maintaining of good practice.
  • We will ensure that all those who have any responsibility for children or young people under the age of 18 years obtain an ‘Enhanced Disclosure’ from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • The Parochial Church Council will accept responsibility for the appointment of leaders and ensure that each person who works with children or young people receives a copy of this parish policy and is familiar with our policy, procedure and guidelines that are in place for our Church.
  • This Church is committed to following the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham Policy for Child Protection and The House of Bishops’ Policy, “Protecting all God’s Children” which is the Child Protection Policy for the Church of England (2004).
  • The Parochial Church Council accepts the intention of the Children Act 1989 that the welfare of the child is paramount.
  • We have a health and safety policy in place. We have appointed a Safeguarding Coordinator to work with the Incumbent and the Parochial Church Council to implement policy and procedures.
  • The Parochial Church Council will undertake to display a copy of this policy statement in a prominent place on Church premises and in any Church Hall so that all may be aware of its existence.