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Testimony - Luke Motz

Picture of Luke

Before I was a Christian I didn’t know anything about religion and what it meant. I went to family fun groups back when I was younger with my mum and drifted away from it as I didn’t understand and didn’t think anything of it. As a child my family were friends with the Vicar of where I grew up so I stayed in the knowledge of God’s presence as John would talk about God often. I was always interested but not taking in the information.

When I met Alannah she went to Church every Sunday with her family and I found that quite intriguing and wanted to find out more. She invited me to come along with her one day and so I decided to go to see what it was about. I was very nervous so it took a lot for me to go, but straight away I felt so welcomed by everyone, they were all so nice and I felt part of something good, I was in a quite a low place at the time, however going to Church felt like a place I could be myself and didn’t have to put a “face on” It changed my life for the better, later I started to help with Family Fun service, it helped me also learn more about Jesus and the Bible in terms that I understand.

Now I love getting to know more and more about Jesus and starting help out in Church more. I’m learning more about God and what it’s like to be a Christian and I especially like going to Keswick because I enjoy the atmosphere and love the live band.

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