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Testimony - Carla

Picture of Carla

I was born into a dysfunctional family and had decades of self-destructive behaviour as I grew up. There has always been a religious influence in my life beginning in early childhood as my mum was involved with the Jehovah Witnesses and that continued in my life when I got married and had my own children.

It was when I started going to a Christian support group for eating disorders that I was first introduced properly to Jesus when Jane gave me a Bible and we would read it and talk together. I then became involved in a local Evangelical church and spent a number of years with them with Julie teaching me more about Jesus and the Bible.

Since I live in Gotham, and have got to know a number of people at St Lawrence’s I have decided to make this church my home, and have become involved in a weekly Bible study group which is helping me to be the person God wants me to be. It has been a slow change over the years in my self-destructive desires and I still struggle in various ways and know that I may have these struggles all of my life. But the biggest change for me, in asking Jesus to forgive me and to trust in him, is that I now have hope for the future, whereas before I had none.

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