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Testimony - Alannah

Picture of Alannah

I met Jesus when I broke my elbow two years ago. My younger brother was going to Oakes Camp where I’d been the week before. I was racing a friend across the grass when I fell. I remember feeling the worst pain ever shooting all the way up my arm and when I looked I saw that I had dislocated my elbow and my arm was at a funny angle.

While I was waiting for the ambulance I prayed continuously that I would be alright and it helped. I did the same while I was in hospital, while the doctors were trying to manipulate my arm and while I was waiting for emergency surgery. It may seem strange but those prayers seemed to ease my pain more than the gas and air I was given.

This was the first time I felt that God was helping me and the first time I had really known Jesus’ love for me. Before that I had been going to church and not really paying much attention. I believed in God because everyone else did and I thought that was enough. Now my belief is more personal and much stronger, and that’s because its not based on what other people tell me to believe but on a personal level.

I believe God is real and more than the father of Jesus and the creator. I believe God is the teacher who shows you right from wrong, and the one who puts every bit of your life together for a purpose. Jesus is much more than the leader of the disciples and God’s Son. I know Jesus is the one who died on the cross for everyone’s sins no matter who they are and that He died for me too. Jesus and God are more than what I had been taught growing up.

I know I am a child of God and loved by Him. I know that I am forgiven and I know that I have been chosen on purpose and for a purpose even though I don’t know what that is yet. That excites me because I know that whatever happens I will never be alone.

When I look at my scar I can see its in the shape of a J. J for Jesus. And because of that I will never forget the day I met Him and He brought me comfort and showed me His love.

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