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AGM 2020 (Review Of 2019)

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Our Annual Church Meeting was held on Sunday 18th October 2020 in Gotham Church.

At this year’s AGM, our first as a single parish, we had 1 vacancy on the PCC for a Thrumpton Church Rep and 2 vacancies for representatives to the Deanery Synod. Val Hopkins and Janet State have been appointed as our Deanery Synod Reps; the Thrumpton Church Rep post remains vacant.

Because we are now registered with the Charity Commission we have the report on the working of the PCC and the Accounts in a separate booklet, so you will need to download both the Charity Commission Report (which includes the accounts) along with the A453 Churches Report which has the reports from the various groups.

You can access the Reports and the Minutes by clicking the links below:



The key priorities over the past year have been:

  • To build on the successes of the previous year;
  • To continue encouraging children and families to come to Church;
  • To grow together as a group of Churches;
  • To increase the Biblical literacy of the congregations and the prayer life of the Churches.

Below are some selected highlights from the year.

Evangelism & Community

  • Community Cinema trialled for 2 Saturday's in March. It was well received with aout 60 people attending so it started again in October.
  • Easter Eggs taken to Framework for homeless families.
  • Ukelele concert.
  • Kingston Music concert.
  • Vision Day at Thrumpton Village Hall attended by 26 folk from across all 5 churches.
  • Gotham Winter Wreath Festival.

Sunday Services

  • Frankie and Mike visited us from Natal.
  • Sermon series started on Romans.
  • New Family Fun service started at 4pm on Mothering Sunday with 31 adults and 19 children.
  • Easter sunrise service at the Well House followed by breakfast.
  • Renewed membership covenant at Easter service in Gotham.
  • Lindsey Briggs continuing to leading services at Kingston alongside Angie.
  • Sonya led the Harvest service at Kingston and Harvest Supper in Village Hall afterwards.
  • Carole Edis and Sylvia Cutts continue to lead services at Barton.
  • Anne Farnsworth continues to lead services at Gotham.
  • Fiona continuing to lead Gathering services.
  • Barton, Kingston, Thrumpton and Gotham each held a Christingle Service.
  • Fiona led Gotham's Family Crib Service.
  • Tuesday Communion replaced with Carols of Praise, week before Christmas.

Small Groups

  • Our Bible study groups have studied Revelation, John's Gospel as Lent course, "Chat around the Bible" video course, Psalms, Advent of the Saviour Advent study.
  • Once a month various folk have been doing Wayne Grudem's Christian Beliefs course.
  • New Tuesday evening Bible study group started.
  • Housegroup social get together in Gotham Church over Christmas.


  • Nigel continues to be involved in Sierra Leone.
  • Richard worked on Reception at Keswick Convention.
  • 224 Shoeboxes collected, 73 more than last year.
  • Prayer at Armistice Day at Gotham Primary School.

Children & Youth Ministry

  • Jo Leatherland continues as Schools Worker at East Leake Academy.
  • Gotham Primary School visits to church.
  • Open the Book continues going into Gotham School once a fortnight with a team from across the 5 churches.
  • Thanksgiving for Gift of Child service at Barton and Kingston.

Pastoral Care & Church Family

  • Compline services during Holy Week at Gotham were led by Sonya, Anne Farnsworth & Margaret Heys.
  • Easter Reflections from Maundy Thursday to Easter Saturday at Ratcliffe.
  • Away Day at Launde Abbey looking at Prayer.
  • Promise Programme at Gotham with Hog Roast.
  • Reorganisation is complete and officialy became The A453 Churches of South Nottinghamshire in June.
  • Special AGM held to appoint PCC, etc.
  • Bible reading workshop by Louise Third attended by 8 people from across the five Churches.
  • Local Management Group started in Gotham.
  • Barton Promise Programme with Richard Osborn as guest speaker.
  • Service at Ratcliffe for Ian and Georgina on the day of Ian's brother's funeral in Holland.
  • Funeral of Mick Davies.

This is not everything that has been done, but it gives you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

But another exciting year lies ahead of us, especially as we work together to grow as one parish!