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Who’s Who

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The leadership of the 453 group of parishes is made up of Clergy and Lay Ministers who oversee all five of the churches. Each church has their own Churchwardens and Church Council (the P.C.C.).

We also have a Safeguarding Coordinator who helps to ensure that our churches implement and comply with our Safeguarding Policy along with two Pastoral Care Coordinators with whom the Rector shares the responsibility for the pastoral care of the Church family and wider community.


Clergy …

Picture of the Rector, Richard Coleman
Richard Coleman




Lay Ministers …

Picture of our Reader, David


Picture of our Recognised Lay Minister, Sylvia




Safeguarding Coordinator …

Picture of our Safeguarding Coordinator, Anne Farnsworth
Anne Farnsworth
(Tel: 0115 983 0007 )




Schools Worker …

Picture of our Schools Worker, Jo Leatherland
Jo Leatherland




Pastoral Care Coordinators …

Picture of our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Anne Farnsworth
Anne Farnsworth
(For Gotham
Tel: 0115 983 0007 )


Picture of our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Sylvia Cutts
Sylvia Cutts
(For Barton, Kingston,
Ratcliffe & Thrumpton

Tel: 0115 981 5814 )