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Review Of 2017

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Our Annual Church Meeting was held on Sunday 29th April 2018. You can access the Reports and the Minutes by clicking the links below:

The key priorities during this year have been:

  • To build on the successes of last year;
  • To continue encouraging children and families to come to church;
  • To determine a way forward for our churches to be organised as a group;
  • To increase the Biblical literacy of the congregations and the prayer life of the churches.

Below are some selected highlights from the year.

Evangelism — Community

  • Ran the Life Explored course to which 16 people came and has resulted in one of those joining one of our house groups.
  • Mission for the More Mature Café started at Gotham on first Thursday of the month.
  • Web site and Facebook page for the 453 Churches continue to be visited regularly by people from all over the world.
  • Kingston held another very successful Chamber Concert.
  • 453 Churches Carol singing in all three of Gotham’s pubs.

Sunday Services

  • Our sermon series this year have been on Nehemiah and Ephesians.
  • Sylvia Cutts is now leading services at Thrumpton once a month.
  • Anne Farnsworth and Angie also started leading services.
  • Mothering Sunday “Church with a Difference” continues to be well attended by a large number of non-Church folk, as well as being supported by Co-op Funeral Directors in East Leake.
  • Father’s Day celebration service led by Val Hopkins.
  • Fiona leading Gotham’s Gathering service.
  • Carol Services at all 5 churches.
  • Ben Huxtable from Release International spoke at Remembrance Day service.

Children & Youth Ministry

  • Jo Leatherland continues as YfC Key Worker at East Leake Academy.
  • Open the Book continues going into Gotham School once a fortnight with a team from across the 5 churches.
  • Gotham Primary School visits to church.

Pastoral Care — Church Family

  • People from across the 453 churches attended the Keswick Convention.
  • Funerals of Bill Wright, Rosemary Seymour, Nora Johns.
  • Ray State presentation on Alabaster monuments.
  • Palm crosses were supplied by our brothers & sisters in Natal.
  • Reorganisation Working Group was formed to progress the reorganisation of the 453 Churches.
  • Compline services during Holy Week at Gotham were led by Sonya, Anne Farnsworth & Margaret Heys.

Small Groups

  • Our Bible study groups have looked at Matthew 8-12, Luke’s Gospel, John’s Letters, Music & Singing, The Reformation, Ephesians, Prayer, 1 & 2 Timothy.
  • 11 ladies attended the Northern Women’s Convention.
  • 5 men attended the first Midland’s Convention.


  • Nigel gave an update on his work in Sierra Leone.
  • Bishop Dino from Natal visited Southwell & Nottingham diocese.
  • Safari Supper to raise funds for Natal container.
  • Weekend of celebration for 10th anniversary of the Natal link with Zulu Tradition and Bishop George.
  • Richard worked on Reception at Keswick Convention.
  • 266 Shoeboxes collected.

This is not everything that has been done, but it gives you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

But another exciting year lies ahead of us, especially as we look to become one parish!